The Guest List By Lucy Foley

This book is gripping. Rather than being organized on a timeline, it is organized at the murder then moves backwards and then forwards. It might sound difficult to keep up with but, the writer does a superb job keeping it all together. And, yes it is a nail biter, and twists you could not see coming.

It’s a book of divine personal justice, for everyone attached to the plot. Before it is over everyone is changed, scarred as it were for life. The one thing is all but one, makes it out alive.

Secrets, all the characters seem to have too many. Most held because of shame some because of greed. It is a book that will grip you and have you reading its contents in one sitting!

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Book Publisher: William Marrow 2020 Lost and Found Books LTD


What are you reading right now?

This question for me has many facet’s because it’s not just one thing. Usually, I am reading up to 4 books at a time depending on where I am. With being remote I have not listened on Audible as much as I was in the past. I thought about and I have from time to time reviewed the books that I read on my blog. I might start doing that simply because well, I am kinda running out of things to talk about. But, here are my books

  1. Listening to: Stop that Sh*t by John Bishop – A self help book read in an accent you cannot ignore. I listened to him read Unf*ck yourself and I found it very powerful.
  2. Listening to: The Sisters by Dervla McTirnan – Just started this one no real positive or negative
  3. Kindle: A Curious Beginning By Deanna Raybour New series I’m starting A Veronica Speedwell Mystery, this is book one. It was recommended by my Facebook Book Club. So far, very good.
  4. Hardback: Wicked Saints Emily Duncan. Book of the Month selection so far very good, it is a fantasy epic and grabs your attention.

I will let you know when I finish and if I ultimately liked them.

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And I Relax

With the changes in the world happening so rapidly, there is one thing that was left behind. My magazines, those which were published and mailed before last week. The last little vestige of the time before the flip! I wonder what popular culture will dub this? We have named things after wars, countries they began in. Are we really going to call this the Chinese Virus? Why don’t we call it COVID-19 what it really is? I know that 1918 had the Spanish Flu, and I wonder if there was a stigma then about that name? Polio, I wonder where it started? Smallpox? Going back how about the Black Death, Sweating sickness, or the Neapolitan disease, oops that was named after an area. Makes you wonder.

You ponder that and let me know, I’m going to sit back and relax and read my magazines.



I read, and when I say I read, I mean it. I always spend the first few weeks of the year deep in a book. This year, this decade is no different. However, I have added a new part, Audible. I have had audible for a long time but really did not exercise the membership until lately. It has become a way to listen to my Book of the Month books when I cannot read. I suggest it, if it is something that you can comfortably afford. If not you can download books from your local library. Most offer this as a part of their services.